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Nanofoot Finland OyNanofoot is an innovative high technology company manufacturing laser diode quality control systems for production and R&D level in laser diode production.

Nanofoot delivers total solutions designed to meet our clients’ individual needs and requests. Instead of just one system Nanofoot provides all the necessary testing equipment  from life-time testing to laser diode characterization and visual inspection for all laser diode types regardless of their power, wavelength, spectrum or footprint.

The Nanofoot testing systems are built to work together or as independent systems. They are designed to be modular, upgradeable and expandable. The modular design contributes also to predictable costs and delivery time.

For All Laser Diode Types

Nanofoot provides testing systems of all laser diode types regardless of their power, wavelength, spectrum of footprint. Systems are available for all chip, bar and stack testing steps in laser diode fabrication.

Standardized Modules

Products are based on standardized modules that are used to configure different kinds of systems for each client. Typically systems consists of 90% standardized parts and 10% of modules specific to the client. Modular and standardized systems provide predictable price tag and delivery time.

User-friendly GUI

Testing systems include field proven software solutions with extremely user-friendly graphic user interface developed in co-operation with our clients.

The Nanofoot Flow Concept

Nanofoot Flow is especially designed to provide smooth automated laser diode testing process in order to save time and resources.

Nanofoot Flow is based on three key elements.


Visual Inspection System: Facet inspection from laser diodes

Features of Nanofoot VIS

Systematic high throughput inspection and result storage compared to manual inspection.

Possibility to add Smile, Overhang and Near-field measurements.

Nanofoot Finland - With you every step
Customer collaboration

Client collaboration

Nanofoot focuses on creating added value to our clients in close co-operation. Nanofoot Partnering model  includes:

• Consultation
• Cooperated planning
• Nanofoot implementation

This results in the best possible outcome where our clients’ needs are taken into account and testing equipment is carefully modified to meet our client’s requests.

Software and Database

Nanofoot automated laser diode testing systems come with software developed in cooperation with our clients. Each software has extremely user-friendly graphic user interface.
Combined with the database it is possible to access Nanofoot Load Tray Editor and Result Browser remotely e.g. from an office PC.

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